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KYTSUN WOLFE has stolen the hearts of Cliff Richard fans across the country, not only because he looks and sounds so much like their idol, but also because he does it with great style and panache, and in his own inimitable way, which would indeed captivate even Cliff himself.

The fans say Kytsun is Cliff in all but name, and after seeing him on stage, I'm sure you will also agree, he is a wonderful entertainer, gifted with that rare magical quality that sets him aside, and makes him a very special talent.

Kytsun Wolfe is something of an enigma in the world of entertainment, and has been described by many as an individual who is as unique as his name.

He began entertaining as a child, and although he was an 'A' student and his parents had an academic career in mind for his future, he had other ideas, and couldn't wait to have his freedom from school to pursue his ambition to perform professionally.

His passion for the stage was indeed insatiable and drove him relentlessly towards his goal. At just 16 he took off and hitched his way to London where he unmercifully pounded the streets determined to fulfil his dream. Of course he took the usual knocks, and sleeping on a bench at Kings Cross Station wasn't the best bed in town. Nevertheless he persisted, and against the odds he found the back door and surprised a whole load of disbelievers. I must admit though that he is a rather unusual thinker, even for someone in showbiz, but he does have an indomitable air about him that is extremely infectious and inspiring, and has proved to be quite inexplicable. However, even though he may be an untameable character, one cannot deny that he is a complete professional who strives constantly to bring out the best in himself and those around him.

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Kytsun Wolfe is celebrated by his peers as a consummate professional both on and off the stage, and is held in high esteem by the fans and media alike for his uncanny portrayal of Cliff.

Audiences all across the country have proclaimed him as the very best in his field, and are amazed by his ability to make them believe that they are at an actual Cliff concert.

He is an extraordinary and exciting talent, which is why I, like many others who have worked with international headliners, believe that Kytsun Wolfe is destined for greatness.

If you are a Cliff fan, or just someone who loves to see exceptional entertainment, then don't miss 'The Image Of Cliff Richard' starring Kytsun Wolfe.

He Is Something Very Special!
Peter Moss (BBC)

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Kytsun's likeness to Cliff in the 1970's is extraordinary, but it is not just his looks that parallel the star, it is also his singing voice, his speaking voice and his mannerisms that are so incredibly accurate. When watching and listening to this artist's interpretation it is obvious that he has done his homework, as his performance is so impressive that it is easy to forget that you are not at an actual Cliff and The Shadows concert. Of course there is only one Cliff Richard , but I believe that after watching this show you will also agree that there is beyond a shadow of doubt, only one Kytsun Wolfe!

Although Kytsun has worked as a professional entertainer since leaving school at 16, he can state quite honestly that he has never even tried drugs and he doesn't smoke, or drink alcohol. Even though he was only nine years old when he began suffering with severe migraine headaches he refused medical help, and during his teen years he began studying the problem in order to find a natural cure. This research led him to formulate his own diet and exercise regimen, which in turn has enabled him to cure his suffering completely. Actually it was the intense pain of migraine that was responsible for Kytsun's achievements as an athlete. He was confident that the pressure points in his feet were important in the healing process, so he walked for miles and miles and miles, which along with his diet helped him become extremely fit and healthy. As a result he won a number of major races in the USA, and was honoured as 'Athlete Of The Week'.

It is true to say that this entertainer's life has taken many diverse paths, some good and some bad, but none more enchanting and privileged than the one that led him to become an honorary member of the Oglala Lakota Indian Tribe of North America. The honour was bestowed upon him by the ancestors of Crazy Horse after he spoke to them in length about his own understanding of life. The famed family refers to Kytsun as someone with a white skin and a brown heart, and they accepted him as one of their own.

KYTSUN WOLFE is indeed a consummate professional, admired and respected by his peers, with a devoted army of followers that is growing rapidly throughout the world. He is everything an artist should be... talented, polished and extremely likeable!

Kytsun Wolfe

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